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Client Care Web User Manual and Videos

TitleSizeDate addedDate modifiedDownload
Attendance Calendar-compressed 48.00 B18-11-202218-11-2022 Download
CCW-Checklist Internal Audit tool 6.82 MB16-11-202216-11-2022 DownloadPreview
Cgas- Admission & Intervals -compressed 7.92 MB18-11-202218-11-2022 Download
Daily Behavior Checklist - Part 2 7.66 MB29-11-202222-12-2022 Download
Daily Behavior Checklist - Part 3 8.81 MB22-12-202222-12-2022 Download
Daily Behavior Checklist Part1 2.85 MB16-11-202216-11-2022 DownloadPreview
Entering a New Facility 1.49 MB16-11-202216-11-2022 DownloadPreview
How To Review Your Compliance Score-compressed 4.33 MB18-11-202218-11-2022 Download
IAFT Randomized Control Trial Information Sheet 141.20 KB22-03-202322-03-2023 DownloadPreview
Iaft Discharge Ccw 2023 14.17 MB23-02-202323-02-2023 Download

Tools and Supportive Documentation

TitleSizeDate addedDate modifiedDownload
2022 IAFT Provider Manual-compressed 2.99 MB15-11-202215-11-2022 DownloadPreview
CALOCUS manual ver20 2019 327.31 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 DownloadPreview
CGAS 90 day tool 40.00 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 DownloadPreview
Client Behavior Checklist - Part 3 8.81 MB22-12-202222-12-2022 Download
Client Care Web TFC User Manual ver2 605.01 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 DownloadPreview
Consent Form 2022 926.00 KB08-05-202015-11-2022 DownloadPreview
Daily Behavior Checklist-Parent guide 125.41 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 DownloadPreview
Daily Behavior Checklist ver2018 168.00 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 DownloadPreview
Daily Behavioral Log Worksheet 221.28 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 DownloadPreview
Daily Behavior checklist 133.38 KB08-05-202008-05-2020 Download
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