About IAFT® Partner Agencies

Rapid Resource for Families is the developer of IAFT® and oversees thirteen partner agencies certified to provide treatment to more than 150 children and teenagers. Each partner agency has successfully demonstrated that they have the resources and abilities to meet the established requirements to be a certified IAFT® service provider. To help our partner agencies achieve excellence in IAFT® delivery, RRFF provides the following ongoing services:

  • Consultation with the provider agency’s staff concerning the needs of the family seeking treatment
  • Recommendation of IAFT® to MCOs on behalf of families requiring special attention and who can benefit from the IAFT® service
  • IAFT® training and education by experts in the field about pertinent topics as needed or requested
  • Quarterly compliance reviews evaluating the agency’s ability to deliver the required elements
  • Outcome data pertinent to children and families

Interested in becoming an IAFT® Agency Provider?

Requesting agencies must submit an application and fee of $2,500 to RRFF to begin the approval process. Once the request is received by RRFF, a representative will assess the ability of the agency to deliver the IAFT® service. The RRFF board of directors will make the final decision. The requesting agency will be notified in writing of the board’s decision.

For more information, please contact Meredith Newman, Executive Director, at mnewman@ncrapidresource.org

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    Our Partner Agencies

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