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    Who We Are

    Our Mission

    RRFF’s mission is to improve access to high-quality treatment options for children with behavioral health needs. By partnering with community agencies to deliver Intensive Alternative Family Treatment®, RRFF enables children to receive the care they need in home settings in their community, thus minimizing disruption to the children’s lives and maximizing their potential to thrive.

    Our Vision

    Every child will have the supports they need to overcome challenges and thrive: Strong families, safe homes, nurturing communities, and effective tools for healing.

    Core Values

    • Commitment to Children: We care about children. We believe that all children, with the right supports, have the potential to live full and happy lives. We strive to make our services accessible and equitable because all children deserve access to the supports that they need to thrive.
    • Family-Centered Approach: Children deserve safe and stable homes. Research shows, and we have seen, that healing happens most effectively in a home setting. Whenever possible, we aim to find a way for children to stay in homes in their communities while receiving appropriate care for their needs. We prioritize family involvement throughout the treatment process because healing is a family affair. Family well-being is key to a child’s well-being.
    • Partnership: Partnerships are vital to our mission. We partner with provider agencies to support and strengthen their service delivery through training, technical assistance, and capacity-building. Partnerships between families receiving services, IAFT® parents, providers, and RRFF are at the heart of our IAFT® model.
    • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. We advocate for the use of evidence-based interventions implemented with fidelity. Our practice model is driven by data-informed decision-making. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for delivering the highest quality of care.
    • Professionalism: In all our interactions, we conduct ourselves with professionalism. We act with integrity, demonstrate respect for others, communicate honestly and openly, are responsive to the needs of our partner agencies, and are responsible stewards of public resources.

    Our DEI Mission Statement

    At RRFF, our mission is to cultivate a culture of inclusion and diversity where every child and family is empowered to reach their full potential. We are committed to this mission, and believe fostering equity within our organization plays a role in building a more inclusive and equitable world.

    Rapid Resource for Families (RRFF) was established in 2009 and was initially comprised of five nationally accredited agencies. Our vision is to serve difficult to place children in a home environment and to decrease placements in a more restrictive environment. After several years of piloting an intensive treatment program with supportive partnerships, Rapid Resource for Families/Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® began to operate independently with financial support coming from the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and their contractual agreements with RRFF/IAFT® to provide oversight of the service.

    RRFF provides support, oversight, and training to our network of provider agencies to ensure excellence through outcomes. With outcome data demonstrating success with difficult to place children, RRFF/IAFT® continues to garner the support of the MCOs as their demand for placement options grow.

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