Monday, December 16, 2019
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RRFF  Provider Network Members


                  RRFF Provider Network Members are the vehicles delivering the IAFT® services. Each member  has successfully demonstrated the resources and abilities to meet the required elements and to provide the service. The MCOs must provide a letter of recommendation to RRFF for a provider agency to be considered as a potential provider of the IAFT® service. The letter of recommendation will be valid for a period of 6 months.  An application from the requesting agency must be submitted to the RRFF CEO to begin the approval process. An application fee of $2,500 is required. Once the request is received by RRFF, that agency will be evaluated/reviewed on its ability to deliver the service by representatives of the RRFF/IAFT® program with the final approval resting with the RRFF Board of Directors upon receiving the recommendation from the agency’s evaluation. The requesting agency is notified in writing of the decision rendered.  With the philosophy of helping our agencies achieve excellence in the delivery of IAFT®, the RRFF/IAFT® program provides;

  • Quarterly compliance reviews evaluating the agency’s ability to deliver the required elements
  • Consultation with the provider agency’s staff concerning the needs of a consumer
  • Advocacy with the MCOs for children requiring special attention and that could benefit from the IAFT® service and
  • IAFT® training series as well as ongoing trainings, and information  in specific topics pertinent to children by experts in the field
  • Outcome data pertinent to children and families



For additional information please contact  Danny Nolen  CEO at, 704-516-4870 or click on our member links below. 

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