Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Rapid Resource for Families works in partnership with the Managed Care Organizations throughout North Carolina. Our MCO partners play an integral part in the success and future of RRFF. RRFF is committed to ensuring that the member agencies deliver the RRFF/IAFT® service in an excellent fashion while raising the bar in providing care to children and families. It is through the individual MCO’s that a letter of recommendation is given to provider agencies to be considered by RRFF to deliver the IAFT® service. RRFF/IAFT® works in conjunction with the MCOs by:


  • Providing training to key staff in the MCO environment about the IAFT® service and how to access the database, ( training is available upon request)
  • Consulting with MCO utilization staff on individual consumers
  • Collaborating on challenges and issues presented by high risk children and their placement needs, such as capacity needs, transitioning children successfully etc.
  • Partnering with the MCOs and provider network members in addressing the challenges presented by IAFT® children and the unique needs requiring creative approaches,
  • Providing the results of network member agencies compliance reviews on a quarterly basis to ensure the best possible delivery of the service
  • Assisting with identifying the geographical areas that require the service to be developed and
  • Collaborating with the MCOs, Division leaders and stakeholders to continually improve the IAFT® service

Rapid Resource for Families (RRFF) is a 501(c)(3) program  that was formed from the collaboration with nationally accredited agencies. RRFF serves as a referral data base with open access for referrals statewide, at no cost, for traditional foster care , therapeutic foster care and its’ newest service, Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® (IAFT®).  The IAFT® program serves children who have experienced multiple placements and present behavioral challenges that may be out of the skill set of most therapeutic foster parents. Typically these children average 3 Axis I diagnoses and 25 challenging behaviors. Our children are typically stepping down from a restrictive placement or is being considered for a placement in a more restrictive environment.  RRFF has exclusive over-site of the IAFT® program which is delivered by our network of member agencies. The IAFT® program  offers  a unique alternative to more restrictive placements for children presenting challenging behaviors.


For more information about the program contact: 

Danny Nolen, CEO at 704-516-4870, dnolen@ncrapidresource.org .   

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