Monday, December 16, 2019
IAFT® Parent

Rapid Resource for Families and Intensive Alternative Family Treatment® Program was developed in response to the need to provide a family based environment for difficult to place children. Research continues to support successful outcomes for children who are treated within the family home setting.


The needs for treatment driven care for children are abundant in North Carolina!


The needs for IAFT® treatment parents are limited to treatment parents who want to change the lives of children and to reunite families. A screening process is utilized to help you determine if serving as an IAFT® parent is for you. This screening process will focus on your ability to maintain treatment focus, manage behaviors, and create change for improved futures for children and their families.  If you have treatment skills, engage as a professional team member while focusing on the treatment for the child and their family. This model creates a partnership between the child, those important to them and the treatment model. The IAFT® parents are treatment professional partners who can share 6 to 8 months to support a child and family’s future. If this is you----contact us about leaving a legacy in the life of a child.

                                             As a potential provider/treatment parent for this program you must;

                              • Be licensed as a therapeutic foster parent
                              • Agree to participate in ongoing training
                              • Adhere to the program’s required elements.
                              • Support a child for 6 to 8 months
                              • Be a part of a professional team working to help a child experience success
                              • Learn about Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT) ® Program
                              • Learn parenting techniques and tips for the children
                              • Be a part of a commitment to change a life of child and natural supports
                              • Learn how a well- developed plan produces positive outcomes
                              • Learn how to use shared parenting with of family permanence

As a treatment parent you are the primary agent for change for the child. It is through your support, your knowledge, through training and commitment to provide care for the child that real change occurs. 

Unlike many programs, the RRFF/IAFT® breaks new ground by utilizing the following elements;

                              •  Only one child is placed in a home,
                              •  A care coordinator /case manager from the supervising agency makes a daily contact with the treatment parent to offer support etc.,
                              •  Weekly team meetings with the treatment parent’s involvement to ensure progress and maintain open communication with professional staff,
                              •  Psychiatric over-site,
                              •  24/7 crisis support,
                              • Proactive and consistent teaching oriented behavioral interventions
                              • Respite 
                              • Implementation of one of the four North Carolina approved training models: Treatment Foster Care Oregon (formerly Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care), Pressley Ridge, Teaching Family, or Together Facing the Challenge,             
                              • Weekly engagement with the biological family or supports of permanence in the child’s plan of care
                              • Integration of model fidelity, ensuring the use of the model in implementing the program
                              • Outcome reporting during treatment and post treatment to ensure program effectiveness


**A monthly stipend is paid to you by your Agency to help with the cost of providing care. **

The program is attentive to matching the child with the characteristics of the treatment parents available. This effort reduces the possibility of disruption and enhances consumer satisfaction in placement, creating a more successful environment for change.

Be a part of a new and exciting approach to meet the needs of children in North Carolina, working collaboratively with a team of professionals!



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