Wednesday, November 20, 2019
What is IAFT® ?

Intensive Alternative Family Treatment (IAFT®) is a specialized family type, residential service provided to children/youth and their families in a family home setting.  Individuals needing this level of care often present with challenging behavioral messages, are at risk for out of home placement, will benefit from clinically focused therapeutic treatment to avoid placement in a higher level of care or successful transition from a more restrictive environment, and improved family functioning upon return to natural living home/least restrictive setting.   IAFT® provides a structured, therapeutic and supervised home environment to ameliorate and improve the level of functioning for individuals and families.  

·         Intensive-Treatment at this level is highly supervised by ongoing clinical and administrative supervision from an IAFT® Provider Agency that occurs daily and face to face weekly for the IAFT® parent(s), staff and supervisors.  A team of professionals, embracing a Systems of Care philosophy,  who provide a team approach  to care and treatment for children/youth and their family to encourage clinical growth and improved individual/family functioning.

·         Alternative – IAFT ® is provided to children/youth with the hope of diverting from higher levels of care or restrictive placements.  Individuals meeting entrance criteria for IAFT ®   have presenting clinical needs that are difficult to place or require special treatment needs that can be better addressed with the one on one therapeutic services in an IAFT® home. 

·         Family – IAFT ® is family focused throughout the course of treatment.  Family or other designated natural supports are heavily involved from point of referral: admission processes, matching of the IAFT ® home, and discharge planning.  Shared parenting is highly recommended between the parent(s)-family of permanence and the IAFT® treatment parent to ensure transference of shared treatment goals and behavioral interventions.  This will ensure long lasting recovery and success at transition to home or lower level of care.

·         Treatment – Children/youth and their families who receive IAFT® should see symptom reduction and improved interactions with others as treatment progresses.  IAFT® is goal oriented and is guided by the Person Centered Plan of the children/youth and their families.   Clinical outcome measures are continuously tracked, data is gathered to inform ongoing treatment needs and is also followed post discharge to ensure treatment gains are continued following the service.  Weekly therapy is provided to the child/youth and/or family, to focus on treatment goals and work to improve functional impairments as documented on the Comprehensive Clinical Assessment and PCP.  

IAFT® can only be provided by a Rapid Resource for Families (RRFF) approved Network Provider agency with the oversight of RRFF.  Upon an MCO letter of recommendation, a Network Provider agency will undergo a credentialing process through RRFF. The RRFF Board of Directors has final approval of all Network Providers. IAFT® is covered under the EPSDT Special provision and the 42 U.S.C. § 1396d(r) [1905(r) of the Social Security Act] therefore Provider Agencies must submit a completed EPSDT request prior to admission and annually thereafter.  

The (14) practice elements of IAFT® are designed to provide intensive therapeutic services/supports to improve the individual’s mental/behavioral health and prevent further decompensation once returned to family or lower level of care.  The MCO assigned to the individual is the designated authorizing body, reviews submitted documentation and supporting clinical documentation to authorize and determine the appropriate level of care.  

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