Monday, December 16, 2019
Families We Serve

Since 2010 Rapid Resource for Families (RRFF) has worked collaboratively with our network of provider agencies to provide treatment for children in a family based setting. Using the expertise of nationally accredited agencies, Rapid Resource is able to match the needs of your child with the skills and abilities of highly trained and licensed treatment parents.


Once your child has been assessed as appropriate for the service and placement secured, a team of professionals will meet and with your input develop a treatment program specific to the needs of your child. Throughout your child’s placement the team will meet weekly to assess progress and keep you advised. A case manager/care coordinator will receive daily updates on your child’s progress and will work with you to prepare for your child’s return home. Your ongoing involvement and input is crucial to your child’s success. Once your child completes the program you will be asked to participate in surveys so that we can determine if the program was helpful, how to improve the program, as well as assist you with any questions you may have concerning ways to ensure your child’s success at home. 




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